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Orren-Gore Wedding

I asked Karen to elaborate a little bit upon her relationship with Greg.  I have known them both since high school, but I wanted to know how they met and began dating.

"​I met Greg my sophomore year of high school. We dated for several months and went to homecoming in the fall of 1992 together. Neither one of us remember breaking up. Low and behold, Facebook brought us back together 19 years later. We picked back up like nothing had ever happened. He is my rock, my other half, the cookie to my milk, the man of my dreams and most of all, my best friend. I can't imagine spending a second of my day without him in my life and I am so excited for our wedding day."

Greg is an awesome and pretty unique guy.  I had to know how he proposed; surely it had to be something creative.

"On my birthday, August 17, 2014, Greg took my daughter Hailey and I to a birthday lunch and the usual birthday festivities. I had a great day! The end of my day was the most special though. Greg had excused himself upstairs and told me he had some things to do. I relaxed on the couch and watched tv for a bit. I had a suspicion that he was framing some pictures that I had hinted I wanted framed for my birthday of our family trip to the Bahamas the month before. He yelled down to me from the stairs that he was coming down and he didn't want me to move and to close my eyes. I did as I was asked and when he told me to open my eyes my jaw dropped. In front of me was Greg, down on one knee, with a picture frame filled with several pictures of the two of us. In the middle was a small hand written note that said....Will you marry me? The first words out of my mouth were not very lady like. In fact, they were quite crude! But after my mind began to work together with my mouth I said YES!!"

Congratulations, Karen and Greg - may you have a lifetime happiness, and more.

Click HERE for photos from their rehearsal and wedding day.

Image courtesy of the Winery at Bull Run

Image courtesy of Karen Fussi Orren.

On July 12, 2015, Greg Orren and Karen Gore were married at the Winery at Bull Run.  Located off of Rt. 29 and nestled in the midst of historic Bull Run Park and the Manassas National Battlefield, the winery and former home to the Hickox family provides a beautiful and rustic setting that could not be more perfectly suited for a wedding. The grounds include the foundation and chimney of Hillwood, the original manor house stabilized as a "preserved ruin," that made for a stunning backdrop for photographs of this amazing couple who I have the honor of photographing their wedding.