Studio Gaines

Abandoned Philadelphia

Once dubbed the "Workshop of the World," Philadelphia and its industrial history are rich in both their depth and variety.  Just about any product that has ever been made, some variety of it can be traced back to having been made in Philadelphia.  Unfortunately, like most big cities, Philadelphia suffered from the "Great White Flight" of the 1960's which, combined with a declining industrial presence and outsourcing of jobs, led to a city that by the mid- to late-1980's was vacant, seedy, and decrepit at best, not too dissimilar from Detroit today. With the construction of the Gallery and the election of Ed Rendell as Mayor, things began to turn around, and continue to do so today.  In a city this size, however, there are still plenty of abandoned and vacant treasures waiting to be discovered.  These are just a few of them I've managed to capture.  Some have been renovated, some have been demolished, but none have been forgotten.